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Technologist {&} Researcher

Hi, i am YUSRI ZAMRI! 20 years ago, I started my Creative Journey with no exit plan as I was eager to develop my skills {Soft or Technical} in my own way. The journey lead me to understand more about Creative and Research fields also recognise my own strengths and weaknesses, which helps me to embrace the dynamics of any work environment. I always believe that HARD WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS and NO SHORTCUTS at all.

My Tools:
PS, AI, Sketch, XD, JAVA, HTML 5, CSS, FluidUI, InVision, Bootstrap, DW, MindJet, Mendeley, MADLAB, FramerX, Zeplin

My Strength


Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude. No difficulty can discourage, no obstacle dismay, no trouble dishearten the man who has acquired the art of being alive.

Interactive Media


UXUI Design




Project Management



Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say.

Human Computer Interaction


Artifical Intelligence & Recommendation System


Learning Community and Technologies


Cloud Computing & Mobile Application




Co-Founder & Creative Consultant

TyKo Media

Engage and link together CREATIVE WORK, IDEAS & PRODUCTS with strategies, systems and design. Evaluate and Implement UXUI between hardware and software. Reinvigorate organisations, inspire innovation and foster team culture to bring brands to life across all platforms.

September 2018-Present

Lecturer of Creative Technology


Deliver lectures & practicals to group of students and using 21st century advanced teaching method. Inspire & motivate students for higher level qualifications and future employment also implement University's research plan. Area of Expertise: Web Design, Interactive Media, UXUI, Perception Studies, Digital Portfolio and Game Development Life Cycle.

October 2018- Present

Industrial Board of Advisor (Digital Learning)

Ibrahim Sultan Polytechnic & Pasir Gudang Community College

Advise on the relevance curriculum to industry needs. Discuss any critical issues and challenges related to the discipline and establish link that facilitate and enhance the employability of the graduates.

April 2018- September 2018

Chief Technology Officer

Melon Group Sdn. Bhd.

Developed the company's strategy for using technological resources.Ensured technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely. Evaluated and implemented new systems and infrastructure.


Researcher & Teaching Assistant

Brunel University London

Interpreted research specifications and developed a work plan that satisfies requirements. Conducted, collected, organised and analysed opinions and data to solve problem and predict trends. Interest area: UXUI, Mobile application and learning, Cloud computing, learning community and Artificial Intelligence for group recommendation systems.


Co-Founder & New Media Director

Art Channel

Developed and implemented all internal communication systems. Discovered the technologies that yield competitive advantage. Engineered new areas of technology systems and planning the best for client as solution provider. Contributed creative solutions and ideas to our customers’ projects.


Senior UXUI Designer

Pintar Media Sdn. Bhd.

Managed for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements based. Delivered an outstanding user experience providing an exceptional and intuitive application design, web design and interactive media design.


Lead UI Designer

MMU, IQ Learning Sdn.Bhd. & Code Computer Sdn.Bhd.

Created interactive programs that enhance a customers' experienced with a brand and facilitated an enjoyable experience on the business's website. Charted of coding and transfer the brand's strength through the interface of a product.


Creative Ideas

Turning New and Imaginative Ideas into Reality.
Infor Graphic, Design Framework, Digital Content etc.

Digital Media

Digitized content that can be transmitted over the internet or computer networks.
Web & Mobile application design, User Interface, Digital Promotion etc.

Digital Learning

Planning and simulating the best solutions for learning environment.
Blended, Virtual, Mobile and Flexible Learning via Mobile Device.

Creative Consultant

Provides Expert Advice & Solution in a particular Creative area {Solution Provider}.
User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), Learning Experience (LX)


Provides a reason or stimulus to do or achieve something.
Learning Engagement, Career Perspective, Industrial Advisor

Digital Marketing

Responsible for developing the strategy used in marketing.
Social Media, SEO, User Perception, Targetting etc.

The Idea

HPPNK 2019

SocMed Marketing

FMA Takaful

Web Design & Development

Info Graphic Workshop

Creative Design

HPPNK 2019

IG Stories Update

HPPNK 2019 COncert

Promotion Item

Experimental Design

Design & Manupulation

Kolej Komuniti Bandar Baharu

Portal Design & Development


Digital Learning Hub Project

VR/AR Demonstration

Smart Learning Application Workshop


Corporate Item

Jabatan Kerja Raya

Design & Publishing

INSTUN Kiosk Information

UXUI Design and Development

HPPNK 2019 Live Update

FB Live Update

HPPNK 2019 Documentary

On Site Daily Update

Rizq Virtual School

Virtual School UXUI Design & Development

Kolej Komuniti Pasir Gudang

Google Classroom Workshop

Experiment & Research

Virtual Leaning Application Development

University Of Selangor

Career Learning & Motivation

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We Believe Our Communications Part Of Your Solution To Your Company. Please Do Not Hesitate to ENGAGE with me. I Understand Communication Is Not Only Talk But Sometimes Texting More Better.

Sincerly, I am Looking Forward Your Idea or Question & I Will Make Sure It Have A Solution.


Level 15 Dpulze Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Malaysia



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